About Us

Our Coffee Beans


Located on the Central Coast of California we have a few natural advantages that influence the way we go about the selection and roasting of our coffee beans. One of which is being surrounded by 300+ wineries.

The wineries have created a food culture. Between the wine makers, beer makers, chefs and all the local

patrons there are some very educated palates, everyone's a pundit and we are kept on our toes. The above

photo is from 2012 when we were just getting started and represents this influence.

Quiet Times & Events


Days are your choice of private times reading and studying at one of the tables, small group conversations

with those seated at the bar or just sitting on the patio getting some sun.

We also host events including concerts, small weddings, parties and group meetings.

Saloon Items


Choose from Tyler's signature “cold brew mocha”, local beers, wine and kombucha all on tap along with

ever changing baked goods, breakfast burritos and happy hour food items.

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